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MSRP $18,500



No other product can take you where Terra Cat can. Terra Cat delivers you deep into the habitat of the game you are in search of. Its powerful 1835cc engine combined with the unique design of its four-speed IRS transaxle drive train glides effortlessly over any terrian. Best of all, Terra Cat is lightweight, minimizing any damage to ranch foliage.


  • Two, three, and four seat options
  • Front brush guard/game rack
  • Rear game / equipment rack
  • Side racks for storage and ice chests
  • Airtight storage beneath the seats
  • Kolpin weatherproof gun scabboards


Say hello to your new horse. Terra Cat is the ideal machine for livestock round-ups. It offers strength and comfort, while taking you anywhere your horse can. Our standard 3500 lb. Mile Marker™ winch can get you out of any tight spot.

Our ranch model seats two and features a cargo bed with more load capacity than any other utility ATV. Terra Cat's cargo bed measures 48'' x 69'', and features a three-way drop gate for unloading cargo from the side or the rear. Terra Cat also is the only ATV equipped with a spare tire.


  • Two seat configuration
  • Standard 3500 lb. Mile Marker™ winch
  • Front brush guard/game rack
  • Cargo bed includes three-way drop gate and Herculiner™ protection
  • Side mount racks for equipment storage and ice chest
  • Kolpin scabbards for varmit rifles
  • Airtight storage for meals or clothing items
  • Optional spare tire


Only Terra Cat can replace the Jeep in outdoor tours. No other vehicle can take you as deep into remote territory. Our four passenger model provides plenty of storage capacity. Terra Cat offers and open air experience with magnificent views, powerful acceleration, and a smooth 4-way independent suspension offering an unbelievably comfortable ride over the most rugged terrain.

The economies of purchase price, fuel consumption, and maintenance far exceed any Jeep.


  • Four passenger seating configuration
  • Front brush guard/game rack
  • Airtight storage for meals or clothing items
  • Optional spare tire
  • Side racks for storage equipment storage and ice chests
  • Rear rack for storage of camping supplies
  • Console with XM satelite radio compatibility
  • Optional bikini top

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